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Q: How long can it take to finish an album?

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Fletcher-Munson curveA: A very long time!!

Hello everyone out there, and happy new year to you!

I’m still working on this album, but I guess (hope!) I’m in the final stages now. Doing these mixes is taking forever as I’m going through each track with a fine-tooth comb and trying to sort out the things that slipped through the narrowing gap between my creative process and my technical know-how.

After 18 years since my first forays into writing electronic music, I guess it comes as a bit of a surprise to find out just how much I still don’t know – but that’s OK! I like learning things that take a lifetime, and my music is no exception. I have been learning a lot thanks to Bob Macc’s many excellent postings on Dubstep Forum, as well as a bunch of other articles I’ve been reading about mixing and mastering and so on.

Today I have been sorting out the mix on “Dark Chocolate”, which is actually a bit of a difficult track to work on, since for some reason I ended up with quite a few elements of the track all occupying much of the same areas of the frequency spectrum as each other. I guess I would do things differently nowadays, but I like that track and it’s definitely going on the album, so I need to work with what’s there. It is a slow process to sort it out though!

Thankfully, the new mixes are sounding a lot better, though this one still needs a bit of work on it I reckon. “Chronicles” which I was working on before Christmas now sounds perfect to my ears, and after several weeks away from things, I’m very happy about that mix indeed!

Most of my newer stuff (eg. less than a year old) is already mixed a bit better, and I deliberately started out with working on the tracks that need the most doing to them, so I’m expecting that the mixing process will accelerate as I get nearer completion.

So now you’re up to date.

Note to self: Next time stick to writing singles and EPs! 😉