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Album up on YouTube

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

I’ve finally got around to putting the whole of Chronicles up on YouTube. Enjoy!

Today is album launch day!

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Hey everyone! I’m very excited to announce that today is the day my album “Chronicles” officially comes out on Echodub!

If you’re wondering where you can get it from, here’s a few places:

Beatport | iTunes (UK) | iTunes (US) | digital-tunes | Juno | Boomkat | Drum n Bass Arena | Zero” | Addictech

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the people who believed in me and encouraged me as it came along: Katy (endless love and support through my ups and downs), Guy aka. Cogidubnus (enthusiasm and support from day one, as well as a beautiful remix), Alex aka. DFRNT (encouragement and perpetual cool-headedness), all the Echodub crew (I love being a part of our collective), Nate aka. DJ HARP (a wicked remix and support from accross the pond), Theo aka. Thesis (awesome remix), Bob Macc (amazing mastering, mixdown help and general email banter), AMPFEA Music Bar crew, Rachel and Josh, Clare and James, Kamal and Juliet, Aled and Kate, Becca, Benny (gone but never forgotten), friends old and new, mum, and last but not least little Maisy, who distracts me at inopportune moments and reminds me to muck around and play more!

Thank you all for being you – it has made it that bit easier to be me!

iTunes pre-order for my album

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

For anyone wanting to pre-order my album from iTunes, here’s the link.

Out on June 13th! 🙂

Cogidubnus – “Wheels” mix

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

ufoI’ve been really enjoying the Cogidubnus mixes of late, so thought it was time I gave them a mention here. Obviously some part of this is because he has been including my tracks in them, but overall, I still think they are at the most interesting end of the mixes that have been appearing on DubstepForum recently.

In fact, ironically, my favourite of his mixes so far doesn’t feature any of my tracks – check out the Voigt-Kampff mix here. No “aggro caveman step” for miles around – just deep tunes all the way through.

His latest “Wheels” mix features my “Chronicles” track. As I’ve come to expect by now from Cogidubnus, it’s a deep mix that takes you on a carefully planned journey through the mellower end of the dubstep spectrum. It’s well worth a download and listen from here.

Track listing:

Kaya Project – Hirajoshi
High Contrast – The Ghost of Jungle Past (Intro)
Subjazz – The Bigger the Woofer
16Bit – President of Europe
wAgAwAgA – Nagoya
FSTZ – Troostwood Blues
Orien – Broken Dreams
Joshua Black – Life
Silkie & Harry Craze – French Knickers
Mob Barley – Me I Am
Portishead – Western Eyes (The Widdler remix)
Tangka – Diamond Mine
Muteqx – Chronicles
Forensics – Exile (Phaeleh remix)
DLX – Matter of Fact (Breakage’s relatively speaking remix)
FSTZ – Tales of the I-Them
Synkro – Just to See Her
FBOM – Distance
Quantum Soul – Long Time (Ruckspin remix)
Liquid Stranger – Behind Your Ear
Boards of Canada – Constants are Changing
Future Sound of London – Newfoundland