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I’m back! New track: Incantations

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

I’m back! After quite a hiatus (mostly having children, moving house, dealing with illnesses… that kind of thing) I’m making music again, and it’s feeling a bit like I might have a second album on the horizon!

So this first venture out again is called “Incantations” and is on my friend Saxon’s label Triple Drop Productions.

Have a listen here:

It’s part of a new compilation called “Dub Warriors Vol 2 – Rudimentary Structure Expansion” – due out any day at all I believe! The whole compilation is pretty outstanding to be honest… I’m honoured to be included!

Check these URLs for updates:

Triple Drop Productions on Bandcamp
Triple Drop Productions on Facebook

New tune: Laws Of Nature

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Laws Of Nature MP3 cover

Everything has gone a bit hectic here – we’re moving house in a few weeks, and our little one has just this week started crawling!

Anyway, here’s the first new tune in a few months. This one has been in the works for some time (delayed by house move stuff, mostly), and is intended to form part of my upcoming release on Echodub, due out sometime in the Autumn.

I guess “Laws Of Nature” is all about our own existence really – that many of us have come to see ourselves as somehow separate to “nature”, and that we think ideas like “conservation of nature” are the reserve of special interest groups, rather than about the preservation of that which literally allows us to live.

I’ve felt for a very long time now that we humans desperately need to recognise our place (and important role to play) within what we call “nature” and “ecosystems”. We are not outside of it – we belong to it as an integral part, and if we don’t take much better care of our home, we are basically finished.

I have a lot of faith that a radically different type of world is something we will, in time, manage to pull together and achieve – for the good of everybody. I hope I’ll be there to enjoy it, too!

Anyway, while watching a documentary about something-or-other, I found a great speech sample for this track, which happens to be bang in-line with my own philosophy on the matter – so that’s where the idea for this track came from.

As always, you can hear a full preview of it in the webplayer, on the Muteqx MySpace page, on Soundcloud, or you can download a medium quality MP3 for offline listening.

DJs, drop me an email if you’re interested in a 320 promo.

DubstepForum thread is here

Rhythmicon – Rain Falls and Thunder Rolls mix

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Rhythmicon included my track “Chronicles” in an atmospheric “headphone” style mix – check it out – this is some really tasty listening material!

Track listing:

DFRNT – Raining In The Streets
Flying Lotus – Tea Leaf Dancers (Sines Remix)
Hackman – Rag
Hard Reset – Overstanding
Max Ulis – Malaise (Cure Remix)
Submerse – Smitten
Kwality – Bi Polar
Muteqx – Chronicles
Breakage – Dharma [Digital Soundboy]
TMSV -Sentinelese
Indigo – Matter [Echodub]
X-Zero – Fluteyfull
Coleco – Moonlight
Sines – Test Four [Echodub]
Frozenspace – Tree Hopper
Omyiga – Eftirsj