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Today is album launch day!

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Hey everyone! I’m very excited to announce that today is the day my album “Chronicles” officially comes out on Echodub!

If you’re wondering where you can get it from, here’s a few places:

Beatport | iTunes (UK) | iTunes (US) | digital-tunes | Juno | Boomkat | Drum n Bass Arena | Zero” | Addictech

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the people who believed in me and encouraged me as it came along: Katy (endless love and support through my ups and downs), Guy aka. Cogidubnus (enthusiasm and support from day one, as well as a beautiful remix), Alex aka. DFRNT (encouragement and perpetual cool-headedness), all the Echodub crew (I love being a part of our collective), Nate aka. DJ HARP (a wicked remix and support from accross the pond), Theo aka. Thesis (awesome remix), Bob Macc (amazing mastering, mixdown help and general email banter), AMPFEA Music Bar crew, Rachel and Josh, Clare and James, Kamal and Juliet, Aled and Kate, Becca, Benny (gone but never forgotten), friends old and new, mum, and last but not least little Maisy, who distracts me at inopportune moments and reminds me to muck around and play more!

Thank you all for being you – it has made it that bit easier to be me!

iTunes pre-order for my album

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

For anyone wanting to pre-order my album from iTunes, here’s the link.

Out on June 13th! 🙂

Album sampler mini-mix

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Muteqx - Chronicles (Album cover)

My new album “Chronicles” is due out on Echodub in the next few weeks, so I’ve put together a little album sampler mini-mix to give you a taste of what it’s all about.

It’s available on the Echodub Soundcloud page and you can also listen here:

Muteqx – Chronicles EDUB014 preview by Echodub

Watch this space for a release date – won’t be long now!

Update: We’re all set for Monday 13th June 2011. I’ll post more about where you can get the album from as the details come through to me.

Tracklist for the album is:

01 Two Roads
02 Chronicles
03 Laws Of Nature
04 Dark Chocolate
05 Linkage
06 Dialect
07 Down The Wire
08 My Psychosis
09 Mornington
10 Dialect (Thesis Remix)
11 Chronicles (DJ HARP Remix)
12 Laws Of Nature (Cogidubnus Remix)

Album finished!

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Yes, you read it correctly – my album is finished!

It was sent off for mastering about a week ago, and that’s finished now too, so I’ll be sorting out the absolute final timing of the tracks, and then it’s all go on the release!

Watch this space…

Q: How long can it take to finish an album?

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Fletcher-Munson curveA: A very long time!!

Hello everyone out there, and happy new year to you!

I’m still working on this album, but I guess (hope!) I’m in the final stages now. Doing these mixes is taking forever as I’m going through each track with a fine-tooth comb and trying to sort out the things that slipped through the narrowing gap between my creative process and my technical know-how.

After 18 years since my first forays into writing electronic music, I guess it comes as a bit of a surprise to find out just how much I still don’t know – but that’s OK! I like learning things that take a lifetime, and my music is no exception. I have been learning a lot thanks to Bob Macc’s many excellent postings on Dubstep Forum, as well as a bunch of other articles I’ve been reading about mixing and mastering and so on.

Today I have been sorting out the mix on “Dark Chocolate”, which is actually a bit of a difficult track to work on, since for some reason I ended up with quite a few elements of the track all occupying much of the same areas of the frequency spectrum as each other. I guess I would do things differently nowadays, but I like that track and it’s definitely going on the album, so I need to work with what’s there. It is a slow process to sort it out though!

Thankfully, the new mixes are sounding a lot better, though this one still needs a bit of work on it I reckon. “Chronicles” which I was working on before Christmas now sounds perfect to my ears, and after several weeks away from things, I’m very happy about that mix indeed!

Most of my newer stuff (eg. less than a year old) is already mixed a bit better, and I deliberately started out with working on the tracks that need the most doing to them, so I’m expecting that the mixing process will accelerate as I get nearer completion.

So now you’re up to date.

Note to self: Next time stick to writing singles and EPs! 😉

Anechoic Chamber Remixed

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Anechoic Chamber Remixed (Cover art)

I did a remix of king slaFF’s track “Within” for the latest Echodub release, “Anechoic Chamber Remixed” which is out now.

“The long-awaited follow-up album to Echodub’s very first free album release. Anechoic Chamber re-visits some of the tracks, and adds a twist. Remixes from Thesis, Emi Ono, Foiled Torsos, HxdB, Akema, xxxy, Asa, Muteqx, Substep Infrabass, king slaFF, Vishnu and El Rakkas!”

You can download the whole album from the Echodub bandcamp page – it’s a “name your price” download.

My remix is also on my Soundcloud page.

It’s been great being involved in this project – a real collaborative effort from many of the Echodub crew, a long while in the making, and I’m really excited that the final release is here. Check it out – you won’t be disappointed!

New tune: Laws Of Nature

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Laws Of Nature MP3 cover

Everything has gone a bit hectic here – we’re moving house in a few weeks, and our little one has just this week started crawling!

Anyway, here’s the first new tune in a few months. This one has been in the works for some time (delayed by house move stuff, mostly), and is intended to form part of my upcoming release on Echodub, due out sometime in the Autumn.

I guess “Laws Of Nature” is all about our own existence really – that many of us have come to see ourselves as somehow separate to “nature”, and that we think ideas like “conservation of nature” are the reserve of special interest groups, rather than about the preservation of that which literally allows us to live.

I’ve felt for a very long time now that we humans desperately need to recognise our place (and important role to play) within what we call “nature” and “ecosystems”. We are not outside of it – we belong to it as an integral part, and if we don’t take much better care of our home, we are basically finished.

I have a lot of faith that a radically different type of world is something we will, in time, manage to pull together and achieve – for the good of everybody. I hope I’ll be there to enjoy it, too!

Anyway, while watching a documentary about something-or-other, I found a great speech sample for this track, which happens to be bang in-line with my own philosophy on the matter – so that’s where the idea for this track came from.

As always, you can hear a full preview of it in the webplayer, on the Muteqx MySpace page, on Soundcloud, or you can download a medium quality MP3 for offline listening.

DJs, drop me an email if you’re interested in a 320 promo.

DubstepForum thread is here

2tek spring mix by arctic balance

Friday, April 24th, 2009

2tek spring mix by arctic balance

Here’s some techy garage inspired dubstep tunes skillfully mixed by Arctic Balance, including my track “Snap In Time” out on Insectmind.

Download from here, and here’s the tracklist:

01. chas10 feat merijn – sundays
02. muteqx – snap in time
03. skream – one for the heads who remember
04. kuma – dawn stepped outside (horsepower mk7 mix)
05. uberdog & kyma – keyboard gum
06. jori hulkkonen – versus
07. sharamji feat maggie horn – break your heart
08. synkro – you don’t know
09. djg – apophenia
10. kode9 – 2 far gone
11. pangaea – mosaix
12. toasty – the knowledge (untold remix)
13. joker – digidesign
14. jus wan – affletic
15. shed – another wedged chicken (martyn remix)
16. jinx in dub – 10 tone riddim (phaeleh remix)

It’s good to appear alongside Phaeleh again (even if at opposite ends of the mix) – I’ve never heard anything from him that I didn’t like (a lot)!

Also loving the sounds from Pangaea as ever!

This is a really slick mix – big up Arctic Balance every time!

Rhythmicon – Rain Falls and Thunder Rolls mix

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Rhythmicon included my track “Chronicles” in an atmospheric “headphone” style mix – check it out – this is some really tasty listening material!

Track listing:

DFRNT – Raining In The Streets
Flying Lotus – Tea Leaf Dancers (Sines Remix)
Hackman – Rag
Hard Reset – Overstanding
Max Ulis – Malaise (Cure Remix)
Submerse – Smitten
Kwality – Bi Polar
Muteqx – Chronicles
Breakage – Dharma [Digital Soundboy]
TMSV -Sentinelese
Indigo – Matter [Echodub]
X-Zero – Fluteyfull
Coleco – Moonlight
Sines – Test Four [Echodub]
Frozenspace – Tree Hopper
Omyiga – Eftirsj

New tune: My Psychosis

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

My Psychosis MP3 cover

A new month, a new tune!

“My Psychosis” is another introspective deep roller, combining serious low end, synths on sedatives and a liberal smattering of dub tomfoolery. I think it sits alongside Chronicles pretty nicely.

As usual, you can hear a full preview of it in the webplayer, on the Muteqx MySpace page, or you can download a medium quality MP3 for offline listening.

Funny how things happen sometimes – I’ve been working on several other tunes for a few weeks, and then this one came along and was written from start to finish in just over a day. I guess I just can’t help myself when it comes to working on new ideas while they’re still fresh!

All that remains for me to say is a huge thanks to those who heard the preview mix and chipped in with their suggestions – big up Katy, Cogidubnus and DFRNT, all of you, for helping me polish this one off nicely.

DJs, drop me an email if you’re interested in a 320 promo.

DubstepForum thread is here